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Japhet Michael Mkondya

DE71 3205 0000 0003 5993 13


Michael Mkondya
4628 1133 5117 6735

Mpesa (East Africa)

+255 769181384

We understand that donating is a susceptible area. We want you to be sure that your money is going there for what you have sent it to. That's why we will regularly publish posts where the money goes. Currently, we work on blog posts, spreading God's Word in various ways such as church planting, feeding the poor and sponsoring missionaries and pastors working in remote areas, providing free ebooks, and making gospel video content on social media. 

That's why we ask for donations. Kindly use the formula below if you have any questions and inform us after you donate. We would like to thank you and pray for you before we bring your offering to work

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