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Updated: Nov 4, 2022

During the football match; you might find that until the last minute a certain team might be in a situation where it’s not possible to win the match according to the minutes remaining. But you may find like a coacher will call a particular player and try to give the instruction on what to do in those last minutes. Suddenly when that player enters the match, the game changes until a certain team wins.

It’s the same way in the kingdom of God, we are in the last minutes Waiting for the Rapture, but God who is our coacher still calling for the game changers but many don't respond back to him. And the few respond but still do what the coacher (God) has not told them to do in the match. I want you to understand that in these last days we are living it’s a time in which God needs people who will be ready to go and change the game, because of the rise of false teachers and prophets performing fake miracles, false doctrines and using the name of Jesus to manipulate people. The bible says in Ezekiel 22:30.

I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before

me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one

God is still looking for someone, who is available not the intelligent one

It’s better to understand that God will never come down to preach the Gospel, but he needs One person ready to be used as a vassal so that God can use him to proclaim the Good news of the kingdom. Many servants of God, who are really called by God really started with a great passion for preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ, but Satan managed to deceive them through fame, sex and love of money. Surely am telling you that on the judgment day you will be shocked when you see great men and women of God on earth are been rejected; because it’s not about miracles which we perform, it’s not about the prophecy we give to people, but it’s about how we do Gods will. There are a lot of examples in the bible where Jesus was always saying I am only here to do the will of my father but I want to show you one powerful word he said in Mathew 12:50

whoever does the will of my father in heaven he is my brother and sister and mother

Intimacy with God is the only way to understand God's will

If we really need to prove ourselves as children of God, is only when we do what Jesus told us to do and say what he told us to say. The above scripture shows the solid relationship which is only found by doing God's will, can you imagine the author of our faith Jesus Christ; his focus was on doing the will of his father in heaven, but many ministers in the body of Christ; they know the truth but they continue speaking what people want to hear and not what they need to hear for the salvation of their souls.

There are many Wolfs in a cloth of a sheep

The church needs the game changers, it might be you who is reading right now if you will make a decision today to carry the mission of winning souls and review who is Jesus Christ to the lives of many people who are really hungry to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It doesn't need your strength it just needs your availability and God will use you to bring back his church to the real image of Jesus Christ. Let me know down in the comment section; in which area you would like to see changes In the church of Jesus Christ?

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