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Japhet Mkondya Ministries

Connecting All People With God


Our Values

We are a non-denomination ministry, end-time mission workers, whose aim is to reach the world for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the sake of the kingdom of God.

Our ministry is defined through three major areas which are seeking the lost, equipping the saints and preparing the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Support Our Ministry

We have 7.8 billions inhabitants on earth, and 2 billion are known as Christians which tells us there is still great work to do for the Gospel to reach many as we wait for the second coming of Jesus. But this work cant be done by ourselves, partner with us today so that together we can reach many for the sake of the kingdom of God.

In our ministry we are fully dependent on God. It is for his honor and his kingdom. Therefore, we need prayers to continue his work.

 To find out how to pray for us.

Our ministry is about reaching people: Christians as well as Non-Christians. If you know anybody who can benefit from the ministry, share our content with them.

Materials and possibilities to do that.

Unfortunately, in this world, nothing works without money. We need money to put our projects into action.

How you can donate and how we use the money.

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